Type of color light source for fabric

- Mar 08, 2018-

In the process of production, textile fabrics need to go through many processes. In this process, because of the errors caused by various reasons such as raw materials, production processes, operation and so on, there will be differences in colors between different batches and even the same batch of fabrics. Fabric color difference in size, if the color light source is different, the color of color environment, different time, evaluation of the color is different, so in order to accurately assess the color difference, ensure the consistency of the color, the color in the visual evaluation, must be in the standard to select light source customers specified color light box in color, in order to avoid visual differences caused by light or light with different standard.

The standard light source commonly used are: 1. international standard D65: artificial sunlight (average North window light), most of the customers are using it to color. 2.TL84: three color fluorescent lamps, Europe, Japan and Europe store light, Japanese customers usually use. 3.CWF: cold white light source, American shops or office, American customers often use this light source.4.UV: UV, for the detection of fabric on the whitening agent or fluorescent dye.5.A: the light source, reference light source.

In order to make the result of color matching more accurate, in the standard color light box, there is no direct light in the observation area when the color time is observed, so as to avoid the interference of the external light to the visual.