Types and advantages of polyester nylon cotton interwoven fabric

- Dec 28, 2018-

In the process of operation, the polyester-cotton interwoven fabric mainly refers to a fabric in which the yarns of two different fibers are interwoven into a weft. For example, a warp 40S cotton and a weft 100D polyester low elastic yarn are interwoven.

Polyester and nylon interwoven fabrics

1. Silk fabric, rayon interwoven silk The raw materials are interwoven with rayon and cotton yarn, interwoven with rayon and viscose, interwoven with viscose and filament, interwoven with rayon and artificial wool. The main varieties are: Chaoyang Ge, Xinwenyu, Feather Yarn, Cotton Thread, Line quilt, Fuchunfang, Suchunfang, Caigefang, Flower Satin, Liuxiang, Sanxun, brocade, and The people, the new, the printing sun. In general, these fabrics are smooth and sturdy in appearance and have a large shrinkage rate.

Polyester and nylon interwoven fabrics can be effectively divided into polyester silk interwoven silk, silk silk interwoven silk, polyester fabric, cotton/polyester interlacing, Tencel/polyester interlacing, viscose/polyester interlacing, which greatly enriches the variety of polyester fabric products. The meridian is a cotton yarn, and the weft is made of polyester and spandex. The imitation denim weft fabric improves the feel of the yarn-dyed denim stretch fabric.

Polyester and cotton are blended or interwoven in a certain ratio, which not only maintains the advantages of polyester, but also improves the disadvantages of wearing airtightness.