Types and characteristics of cotton blended fabrics

- Jan 04, 2018-

Cotton blended fabric refers to the use of cotton fibers and other one or two or more different types of fibers blended into yarn woven into the fabric, mainly cotton, Jinmian, polyester-cotton three categories.

1, Jinmian

Is nylon yarn and pure cotton yarn woven on air-jet loom, is the production of casual wear, the ideal material fashion. Specifications are plain, twill, extinction, square root and other series. Bright shiny cloth, feel smooth and full, and more suitable for windbreaker, padded clothes, jackets and other models.

2, cotton

Ancient tapestry. Also known as "Dong Jin." Intermediate Liping prefectural green hole and other places produced. To white yarn for the blue yarn for the weft, random pick weaving, all kinds of self-shaped flower, towel 帨 especially. The so-called "Zhuge Jin", also known as "Dong Jin." Zhang Yingzhao "Zhuge Jin Shi": "The prime minister south levy date, can return millet Gu Chun, goad, with color new people, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, There are clever person. "See" silk embroidered notes. "

3, polyester-cotton

Polyester refers to the blend of polyester and cotton, collectively referred to as cotton, woven with 65% -67% polyester and 33% -35% cotton blended yarn, commonly known as cotton.

The cotton blended fabric is a kind of fiber fabric, which is comfortable, cool and breathable to wear on the body. It also has the characteristics of good elasticity. In addition, the fabric has the advantages of soft color, good drapability and small shrinkage.