Warmth and technical level of cotton brocade fabric

- Aug 17, 2018-

Cotton brocade twill fabric is wear-resistant and washable, so it has good shape retention and warmth retention. Its surface is smooth and easy to wash. The clothing made of nylon cotton fabric should not be exposed to the sun after washing. It should be air-dried naturally. Some nylon fabrics are easy to fade, so you can soak them in salt water for a few minutes before washing, which will have a fixed color effect.

Cotton brocade fabrics should be used at low temperatures when ironing, and then light cotton cloth. If the temperature is too high, the fabric will shrink and become sticky. Cotton brocade is made of pure cotton yarn and nylon yarn interwoven on an air jet loom. It is an ideal material for casual wear and fashion. Specifications include plain, twill, matte, square root and other series.

Generally, cotton and brocade account for more than 95%, and the rest are wire. Wire fabric refers to a high-grade fabric formed by metal wire processing into metal fiber implanted fabric. In the overall fabric, the wire accounts for about 2% to 6%. Generally, under the same technical level, the wire accounts for The higher the ratio, the more expensive.

Because of the metal wire, the overall color of the fabric is bright, and if there is a metal light, it can reflect the unique luster of the metal. Therefore, cotton brocade fabrics will look more colorful under the sun. However, it should be noted that the characteristics of the wire fabric are not only on the metallic luster, but also have anti-static, anti-radiation and other functions, which is more conducive to the adjustment of all aspects of the body.