Washing and maintenance of Waterproof 100 Cotton Herringbone Fabric

- Feb 27, 2021-

1. Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. Various detergents can be used, but try not to use washing powder. It is best to use transparent soap or soap powder or soap paste. First use warm water to wash away the washing, wait for it to cool before putting the clothes in soaking. Chlorine bleaching is not suitable; 2. Colored clothes can be soaked in water for a few minutes before washing, but not too long to avoid color damage. 3. White clothes can be washed with a strong alkaline detergent at high temperature for bleaching; 4. Underwear should not be soaked in hot water to prevent the protein in the sweat from solidifying and adhering to the clothing, resulting in yellow spots. 5. It is best not to machine wash knitwear. 6. Cotton clothes of different colors should be washed separately; 7. Do not scrub with a washing board or brush. 8. When rinsing, you can master the "small amount and many times" method, that is, you do not need to use a lot of water for each rinse; but you need to wash several times. Wring dry after each rinse, and then perform a second rinse to improve washing efficiency. 9. It should be dried in the shade, and clothes should be kept in a ventilated and cool place. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight to prevent the colored fabrics from fading and drying inside out. 10. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid dampness to avoid mildew; 11. Underwear should not be soaked in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots. 12. It is best not to machine wash the knitwear, do not wrung out with force, and pull the knitwear in the weft direction.