Waterproof Cotton Nylon Stretch Plain Fabric with rich structure and variety

- Mar 19, 2019-

In the process of making Waterproof Cotton Nylon Stretch Plain Fabric, the structure is mainly two-layer plain weave made of twelve warp yarns and twelve weft yarns. The warp yarn is 40 combed cotton yarn, and the weft yarn is 17F nylon yarn and 20D. The /1F spandex yarn is intertwined. The warp yarn is cycled once every twelve times, and the weft yarn is cycled every twelve times. The radial density of the formed fabric is 112/CM, and the weft density of the fabric is 30.2/CM. Therefore, the fabric provided by the utility model has the comfort of cotton and the feel of nylon, and the fabric is flat and flat, has a thick hand, good drape and elasticity.


Waterproof cotton brocade plain fabric mainly refers to the woven fabric interwoven with cotton yarn and polyester elastic yarn. Therefore, it is also called cotton brocade interweaving elastic fabric or interwoven cotton brocade fabric. At present, there is no blended cotton brocade fabric on the market. The interwoven cotton brocade fabric uses cotton yarn as warp yarn and nylon elastic yarn as weft yarn. The cotton content is high, and the cotton content can generally reach more than 60%. Even if the cotton brocade double-layer fabric has cotton content of more than 50%, the natural characteristics dominate. Taking the function, so the grade of cotton brocade fabric is not low.


Waterproof cotton brocade stretch fabrics are more abundant, thin type we call cotton brocade poplin, suitable for shirts and skirts; medium-thick cotton brocade fabrics are more varied, plain, twill, satin, double-layer Organizations and various change organizations, the yarn count changes more freely, suitable for all kinds of jackets and casual pants. The thicker ones are mainly used for autumn and winter coats, with low-yield cotton yarns as the main