Waterproof Plain Fabric advantages and purchase requirements

- May 17, 2018-

Waterproof Plain Fabrics in the production process, the plain weave is only related to the thickness of the fabric, and it is not related to cotton, in general, the plain fabric is relatively thin, twill fabric is relatively thick. The content of cotton depends on the content of the small items inside the clothes. The regular products will have small marks, clearly indicating the content of cotton. If there is no small mark, it is recommended not to buy it.

Waterproof Plain Fabrics need environmental protection, breathability, and comfort and wear resistance to a certain extent. In the process of production, they mainly use high-quality, high-grade environmental protection original yarn, which is very safe and breathable. The entire finished fabric has good abrasion resistance and low shrinkage. It is not easy to pillage, rich in features, fashionable and diverse.

Waterproof Plain Fabrics can, to a certain extent, be able to effectively achieve softness, smoothness, fluffiness, and other different styles of soft effects to a certain extent according to the needs of their customers. Colors support custom customization, sophisticated processing, and quality assurance.

Anti-horizontal pattern fabrics are mainly made of high-quality imported equipment from abroad. The weave patterns are even and the printing and dyeing are not easy to fade. The finished products are excellent. Health and environmental protection, to a certain extent in line with its national standards, finished products passed the standard safety testing to ensure that the printing and dyeing agents strictly comply with environmental standards.

The benefits of Waterproof Plain Fabrics are mainly the cotton fibers contained in the full fabric, which will have a good moisture absorption to a certain extent. The cotton fibers of the cotton fabric can generally absorb the surrounding fibers in the atmosphere. Moisture, its moisture content is about 8-10%, which ensures that our cotton products can make people feel soft and comfortable when it touches the skin, without the kind of dry and stiff feeling.

Waterproof Plain Fabrics will be poor conductors of heat and electricity because of their surface fibers. When they are used in operation, plus cotton fiber itself has the advantages of high elasticity and porosity, and the fibers can effectively accumulate a large amount of air between them. It is also a bad conductor of heat and electricity, which makes cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention, and it also gives people more warmth and comfort.http://www.jinertefabric.com/