Waterproof treatment of Cotton Nylon Elastane Fabric and mainly includes

- Mar 21, 2019-

Cotton Nylon Elastane Fabric is mainly woven from nylon yarn and spandex core in the process of making (can be coated with spandex to make the fabric drape, wear resistance, stronger strength), the advantages of air jet loom It is to reduce the crosspieces, warp, weft, yarn knots, etc. produced during the weaving process. The twisting type can be used to reduce the hidden file, the warp, the production of the willow.


Cotton nylon stretch fabric has good fabric tensile strength, wear resistance, vertical texture and elastic stretchability. It is comfortable to wear and is suitable for outdoor casual pants, hiking pants and composite finished products for tops. Commonly used in outdoor products.


Cotton nylon stretch fabric finishing waterproof treatment and moisture wicking treatment for outdoor spring and summer wear, finishing TPU film + fleece composite, TPU film + polyester 30D, 20D weft knitted composite, TPU film + super soft velvet, TRICOT A 3-layer composite series for outdoor autumn and winter collections.


Cotton nylon stretch fabrics mainly include


1. Weft bombs: Tencel elastic, Tencel cotton elastic, Tencel cotton nylon intertwined elastic, Tencel cotton interwoven polyester elastic, Tencel polyester elastic, Tencel elastic, cotton elastic, cotton polyester elastic, human elastic , human silk cotton stretch, human cotton stretch and so on.


2. Warp elastic fabric: brocade warp grosgrain, nylon cotton warp fabric, etc.


3. Four-sided elastic fabric: sticky cotton four-sided elastic fabric, nylon four-sided elastic fabric and polyester four-sided elastic fabric and so on. The advantage of stretch fabric is that it is free to stretch and has a slimming effect on women. It is more suitable for casual sportswear and is good for relaxing. The elastic source of elastic fabrics is mainly high-elastic yarn, spandex elastic yarn or elastic yarn, and the weaving method itself can also achieve elastic effects, such as some knitted products.