What are the advantages of Nylon Elastic Fabric?

- Mar 14, 2019-

Nylon Elastic Fabric can be combined with a variety of different fibers, whether natural or man-made, does not change the look and texture of the fabric. For example, wool and nylon stretch fabrics are not only elastic, but also have better fit, shape retention, drape and wearability after washing; cotton and nylon stretch fabrics not only have the advantages of cotton fiber comfort and breathability, but also take into account The characteristics of the cotton which are not elastic and not easily deformed make the fabric more close, fit, soft and comfortable.


In recent years, people who love fashion have been repressed by the bustling city and competition. They don't want to be bound by the clothes they wear every day, and they need to be unified with comfort while keeping dressed properly. The nylon stretch fabrics are comfortable and fit, and meet the needs of people in contemporary society.


Nylon stretch fabric close-fitting clothing is not tight; the clothing is stretched, fit and unconstrained, with better drapability; children's wear is full of vitality, and you can jump freely after wearing. No matter the loose or narrow design, the same comfort and natural; no wrinkles, not too loose, and perfect fit, fully embody the simple beauty; always enjoy yourself.


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