What are the advantages of woven fabrics

- Dec 14, 2017-

Woven fabric is mainly characterized by the fabric has a warp and weft. When the warp and weft materials, yarn branches and density of the fabric are different, the fabric presents the anisotropy. Different interlacing rules and finishing conditions can form different appearance styles.

The main advantages of woven fabrics are stable structure and smooth cloth surface. It is suitable for all kinds of cutting methods.

Woven fabrics are suitable for various dyeing and finishing methods, and in general, printed and jacquard patterns are finer than knitted, braided and felt fabrics. There are many kinds of fabric color. As a clothing fabric, it has the good washing resistance, can be renovated, dry cleaning and various finishing.

Although the elasticity of the woven fabric is not as good as that of the knitted fabric, it will cause warp and weft skew at the time of post-finishing, thus affecting the defects of clothing cutting, sewing processing and wearing effect. But with its total advantages, it is widely used in clothing.