What are the benefits of cotton nylon fabric for jacket?

- Sep 04, 2018-

The cotton nylon fabric for jacket is a fabric that can be used to make a jacket and is interwoven with nylon and cotton. In production, we will call the nylon and weft cotton called Jinmian; while the warp cotton and weft nylon are called cotton brocade. Both types of fabrics can be stretched, and stretch cotton and stretch cotton are also very popular fabrics.


The cotton nylon fabric for jackets are relatively thick, and the style and function are improved by sanding and coating, and the relative application surface is relatively narrow. In recent years, the nylon and cotton yarns used in the cotton brocade fabrics used for the jackets have developed in a fine and fine direction. The nylon can be used in 15D, 20D, 30D, 50D, and the cotton yarn can be as fine as 100S and 80S, making these fabrics The use has also expanded.


Because the cotton brocade fabric used for the jacket contains a high proportion of cotton, it has better air permeability and is more comfortable to wear; its woven structure is also rich, plain, twill, satin and various changing tissues, mainly to The soft and soft style develops, and if the natural properties of the cotton yarn are more prominent, the effect will be better. Therefore, there are often ultra-fine nylon yarn interwoven with rough cotton yarn and slub yarn, which makes the cotton more vivid, full-feeling and soft to the touch.