What are the common fabrics for workwear fabrics?

- Jul 11, 2018-

Taking into account the characteristics of the overalls, the choice of workwear fabrics also has its particularity, different from other types of clothing. Workwear overalls refer to the overall workwear used in the factory, and the blue-collars dominated by manual labor. The workwear fabrics used include polyester cards, cotton canvas and cotton fabrics, and high-silk cotton.


The so-called polyester card actually refers to the polyester-cotton mixed fabric, usually the ratio of fabric is cotton 80, polyester 20. At present, this type of workwear fabrics are mainly used in some overalls, such as security suits and jackets. The advantage of this type of fabric is that it is durable.


The overalls made of cotton canvas and cotton will have a better feel, and the performance is comfortable and has a good moisture absorption effect. Usually, this kind of workwear fabrics are mainly used for bags, shoes, etc., and some products with higher strength requirements. Now it is good for the overalls of workwear to improve the strength of overalls. Polyester cotton canvas and polyester card overalls fabrics have outstanding wear resistance.