What are the common women's casual fabrics

- Mar 24, 2020-

What are the common women's casual fabrics? Judging from the current market, women's casual fabrics include many different categories. One of the biggest characteristics of these fabrics is that they will make people feel very comfortable and unconstrained during wearing. We know that when making casual clothes, we usually choose some casual and flexible fabrics that have elasticity, softness, and good moisture absorption and permeability.

Analyzing from this basic requirement, the main leisure fabrics currently used to make women's casual clothing include cotton, cotton-polyester, cotton-nylon, tencel, polyester-cotton, nylon-cotton, linen, polyester-cotton, and cotton-polyester. According to the analysis of the current market sales situation, the fabrics that are more likely to be noticed by consumers are chiffon, yarn, jersey, lace, denim, cotton, silk and so on.

In other words, we often choose these casual fabrics to make all kinds of skirts, shirts, pants and coats that female consumers love. Under the trendy fashion, female friends can enjoy leisure life while maintaining a beautiful posture. Of course, different consumers have different preferences, and this is understandable.

At the same time, different types of casual fabrics are suitable for different colors. For example, some consumers are accustomed to pure colors, and think that this is more elegant and simple; others like printing, which makes people feel warm and lively. No matter what color the fabric is, as long as the cutting design is done well, it will win consumers' favor.

Among them, cotton and linen leisure fabrics are particularly loved by current consumers. These fabrics are plant fibers, and cotton fibers have certain moisture absorption properties and good thermal insulation properties. , Cool and so on. So these casual fabrics are very suitable for making all kinds of casual clothing.