What are the effective ways to 100% cotton ripstop fabric when it is cleaned?

- Oct 23, 2018-

1. The T-shirt you just bought will have a hard feeling, and you will become softer after washing.

2. Do not wash with a detergent containing bleach.

3. Wash with warm water or cold water below 40 °C.

4. Try not to wash with a washing machine.

5. Do not wash the neckline too strongly when washing to avoid deformation of the neckline.

6. When drying, the hanger can only be inserted from the loose place of the hem of the garment. It must not be forced directly from the neckline to avoid loosening the neckline.

7. Immediately after washing, remove it from the washing machine and do not dry it with a clothes dryer.

8. To dry naturally, do not expose the custom T-shirt to the sun.

9. If the clothes need to be ironed, dry them and use medium temperature steam to iron.

10. After ironing, do not put the clothes into a small space, and use a hanger to hang or flatten to keep the clothes flat.