What are the fabrics of cotton polyester fabrics?

- May 23, 2019-

Cotton polyester fabric is a blend of polyester fiber and cotton fiber. It is mainly composed of cotton. Because polyester fiber is the most important type in fiber, cotton polyester fabric has good elasticity, heat resistance and light resistance, and has good quality. One-time performance. Cotton polyester fabrics have different fabric textures, such as plain, twill and satin.


The plain polyester cotton fabric is made up of warp and weft yarns, which is the simplest of all fabrics. There are two warp yarns and two weft yarns interlaced in one tissue cycle, with two organized points and two weft tissue points. Since the tissue point is the weft tissue point, the plain weave is the same surface organization.


The cotton-polyester fabric of the twill weave is a structure which is continuously slanted through the tissue point, and the surface has an oblique pattern formed by the tissue point or the weft tissue point. The satin weave is a separate, non-continuous, organized or woven tissue point that is regularly and evenly distributed throughout the tissue cycle. The individual tissue points are covered by the long lines of the other system yarns on both sides, and the fabric surface is presented. Through the long line of float, the surface of such a cotton-polyester fabric is lustrous and soft to the touch.