What are the factors that cause discoloration and discoloration of casual fabrics?

- Feb 25, 2020-

In fact, there are many factors that can cause discoloration or discoloration of casual fabrics. The main factors are:
1. Pests and mold;
2. Finishing agents and dyes are affected by sunlight and moisture, which leads to hydrolysis and oxidation. For example, sulfuric acid released during sulfur dyeing will make the fibers brittle;
3. The effect of the residue on the fiber, such as the oxidation of residual chlorine;
4. The fabric becomes yellow due to the oxidation of air.

In addition, there are some finishing agents used in the post-processing process of leisure fabrics, such as fluorescent whitening agents, which have deteriorated, resulting in yellowing of the fabric. Or during storage, the problem of yellowing occurred due to the influence of light and heat. It may also be due to the long time that the dye has sublimated and the fabric has faded.