What are the main advantages and advantages of jacket fabrics?

- May 28, 2018-

Jackets made from jackets are one of the faster and faster garments. Wearing their jackets will give people a feeling of naturalness, comfort and aptitude. To a certain extent, jackets can be used effectively as clothing for everyday life. Can also be used as tourism, social activities wear clothing, especially its variety of shapes, a variety of styles and changeable collar, shoulders, sleeves, waist, etc. can meet the needs of many different grades of customers.

What are the main types of jacket fabrics

In addition to the need to look at the style of the jacket fabrics in the process of purchase, to a certain extent also need to see the texture of the fabric, the jacket fabric selection range is very wide.

1. To a certain extent, high-end jacket fabrics will have their skins, cowhide, sheepskins, etc. To a certain extent, there are wool-polyester blends, wool-cotton blends, and special-grade advanced chemical fiber blended and purified fabrics.

2. The middle-to-high-end jacket fabrics will, to a certain extent, have various kinds of medium-length fiber tweeds, TC poplin, rubberized silk, polyester-cotton rain-proof poplin, and imitation sheepskin.

3. Middle and low jacket fabrics will have common fabrics such as viscose and cotton blends and cotton.

Jacket fabrics will effectively select their fine imitation wool fabrics under normal circumstances

Linen fabric

The linen fabrics were mainly royal fabrics long ago. In the process of use, they were limited to nobles. Generally, after the linen fabrics flowed from the upper layer to the lower layer society, the benefits and characteristics of the products were known to the world. The breathability and thermal conductivity of linen fabrics are ideal for summer.

The biggest advantage of linen fabric is its coolness. Linen is breathable and hot in summer, which is good for skin perspiration; good breathability, moisture absorption is also good; and heat conduction is fast. Flax fiber is hollow, rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria can not survive, so it's antibacterial properties are also very good; the final linen fabric absorption of the dye is also very good, so the color is rich.

2. seersucker fabric

The seersucker fabric mainly originated in India, and then it was introduced into the United States effectively. The material of the seersucker yarn is actually very thin, and to a certain extent it will give people the normal thickness of the fabric. The seersuckers are popular in the United States but not in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. This may be due to the fact that the upper culture in the United Kingdom is not accepting American clothing.