What are the softness of the soft herringbone oblique fabric?

- Jul 26, 2018-

The most obvious special feature of the soft herringbone diagonal fabric is that it is softer. Compared with the ordinary herringbone oblique fabric, it will be lighter and thinner, with a good drape, a smooth line and a natural stretch of clothing. It is often used in the design of clothing. The concise shape reflects the graceful curves of the human body and expresses the fluidity of the fabric lines.


In fact, the softness of the soft herringbone oblique fabric is related to many factors. Generally, the higher the density of the yarn, the softer the fabric. Of course, only high branches can be high density. If someone tells you that the 30S is high-density and high-density; at the same time, it is also affected by the organizational structure. The 1/1 interweaving structure of the plain weave is the closest, so the hand feel is relatively harder; so the herringbone twill will be relatively soft.


Secondly, the lower the yarn twist used in the soft herringbone oblique fabric, the softer the fabric. The addition of softener treatment also makes the soft herringbone fabric softer. The softness of the softener is also related to the softness of the fabric. There is of course a soft, air-treated, completely physical way.


In addition, the reactive dye used in the soft herringbone oblique fabric is also a major factor affecting its softness. The dye molecules enter the fiber, so the fabric of the paint printing will feel harder, but after several washings. The soft herringbone diagonal fabric will be softer.