What fabric is TNC

- Jan 09, 2018-

TNC is polyester and nylon cotton, also known as TNC fabric, yarn, nylon, polyester textile is cotton three ingredients into the fabric. It also has the advantages and characteristics of the three yarns.

TNC Fabric.jpg

Advantages: smooth, breathable and comfortable style novel, good strength, good abrasion resistance, good elastic recovery rate

Shortcomings: color fastness is not high, dry and wash fastness can only reach 2-3 level, wet friction 1-2


Weight range: 160-210 (g/ m)

Composition and content: 50%T 11%N 39%C (for reference only, various specifications, different ingredients)


TNC classification: thin, flat, plain, twill and satin

Color: black, blue, coffee, brown, khaki.


Personal care: careful cleaning, do not wring dry, dry or dry.

Purpose: TNC is more suitable for the production of cotton padded jacket, casual jacket, pants, windbreaker, outdoor clothing.