What fabrics are available for casual sportswear?

- Mar 19, 2020-

Korean silk
The main component of South Korean silk is 70% silk and 30% polyester, which can be said to be a mixture of polyester and silk. It has a good vertical feel, is easy to clean, has rich colors, and is fresh and pleasing. The care is also very simple. The fabric is smooth and does not easily generate wrinkles. General machine washing will not shrink or fade it, and it does not need washing powder containing bleach to maintain its gorgeous color.

Health cloth
Ingredients: Nylon, cotton, cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber (polyester / acrylic), soybean fiber, slub yarn, milk fiber, organic cotton, tencel and TC, TR, CR and other mixed fibers. The fabric has strong air permeability, soft and smooth feel, and good skin feel. It is the main fabric for sports, casual wear and professional wear. Functional treatments such as moisture wicking and anti-ultraviolet rays can be performed as required.

Sweater cloth
Sweater cloths are generally terry cloths. Sweater cloths are usually thick. The terry cloths can hold more air, so they have warmth and are mostly used in autumn and winter clothing. It has a lighter and softer feel and better thermal insulation performance. Sweater cloth is very important in terms of the overall quality of the sweater, and is an important reference standard when choosing sweaters.

Ice silk
Ice silk is another name for viscose fiber. Viscose fiber refers to α-cellulose extracted from cellulose raw materials such as wood and plant stems, or cotton linters as raw materials, which are processed into spinning dope. , And then made by artificial spinning of wet fibers.

There are also healthy composite fabrics, twill cotton and other fabrics, and there are a variety of fashion colors to choose from.