What is Cotton Polyester Herringbone Twill Fabric

- Nov 29, 2017-

Cotton polyester herringbone twill fabric is a rising star of mixed fabrics, but also people's favorite conventional fabric fabric mixed one, from its unique style of love, in addition to the benefits of fabric prices so that ordinary people can accept the appearance of Fresh and refined, charming style, texture, feel, style, function and other aspects are better than other mixed fabric. The fabric is made of Polyester DTY75D wire and Jindi composite 160D as raw material. It is made of twill weave and woven on water jet weaving machine. It has been finished through a series of dyeing and finishing processes. This cloth width of 150cm, about 120 grams per meter cloth, suitable for the production of men and women pants, casual wear and women's skirts and other clothing, into the upper body, both comfortable and decent, but also make the youthful charm.

Cotton Polyester Herringbone Twill Fabric