What is Nylon/Cotton Blend?

- Feb 08, 2019-

Nylon/Cotton fabrics can be divided into two types according to their production process, one is blended and the other is interwoven. Blended fabric refers to the yarn that is mixed with cotton and nylon yarn in the preparation process of the raw materials in the early stage. After repeated cotton combing and drawing, the cotton and nylon fibers are fully mixed and released, and then produced. Fabric refers to the interlacing of warp and weft in the weaving process of two kinds of yarns, cotton yarn and nylon yarn.
The nylon-cotton blended fabric has a uniform surface, good surface gloss, soft texture, good wear resistance, good elasticity and strong hygroscopicity. However, due to the poor spinnability of the cotton-knitted blended yarn, the weaving difficulty is also large, so currently on the market. There are not many varieties, and the market gap is also large. Since the nylon-cotton interwoven fabric also has these advantages of the blended fabric, the spinning, weaving, and dyeing processes are relatively simpler than the blended fabric, so the interwoven fabrics on the market are more.