What Is Stretch Poplin Fabric

- Apr 12, 2018-

In the textile industry, various kinds of fabric products are very rich, and different fabrics have different characteristics. One of these fabrics is called elastic poplin fabric. Do you know what kind of characteristics this fabric has? The most common is poplin poplin fabric. This kind of fabric is poplin fabric made of cotton brocade and added with a certain proportion of spandex.


In the weaving of cotton-and-cotton stretch poplin fabric, cotton yarns and nylon yarns are first processed by air-jet looms. Its specifications include plain weave, twill, extinction and square root series. Compared to other types of fabrics, this type of fabric is glossy and full-featured, and therefore it is used to make shirts, cotton garments, jackets, etc., comfortable to wear, cool, breathable, flexible, with soft color, drape, and shrunk. The small rate is an ideal material for making casual wear and fashion.


In general, when we refer to stretch poplin fabrics, we mainly refer to a fine, smooth and shiny plain cotton fabric made from cotton, polyester, wool, brocade or blended yarns. Sometimes poplin fabrics are also made of plain weave. Compared with flat cloth, the ratio of density to weft density is generally 1.8 to 2.2:1.


From the surface of the stretch poplin fabric, since the density is far greater than the weft density, a diamond-shaped grain pattern formed by the raised portions of the warp yarns is formed on the surface of the fabric. The poplin uses evenly-distributed warp and weft yarns to weave a densely structured fabric, which is then singed, refined, mercerized, bleached and printed, dyed, and finished.


There are also some stretch poplin fabrics made of pure cotton yarn and spandex. The plain weave fabric is used for weaving on air-jet looms. The craftsmanship is advanced, and the dyeing and finishing are first-rate. Both the cotton style and the flexibility feature. The texture, style, color, and appearance of the non-woven fabric are slightly better than those of other stretch poplin fabrics.