What is the cause of the difference in the cylinder of the casual fabric?

- Mar 07, 2020-

The reason for this problem is that we think it may be caused by many factors. The first reason that may cause a tank difference in casual fabrics is caused by the influence of the remaining dyeing liquid in the dyeing tank. This problem can be understood as follows: In the dyeing, there is a small amount of residual liquid after the previous tank dyeing, and there are various dyes in the residual liquid. Due to the difference in dyeing rates of different fuels, there is a certain error, which is prone to Situation.

The second factor that may cause differences in the cylinders of casual fabrics is the problem of dyeing time. In the dyeing process, the dyeing time may not be well grasped, so this problem is prone to occur. This is because if the dyeing time is long, the dyeing will be darker, and if the dyeing time is short, the dyeing will be relatively lighter.

In addition, the temperature condition during dyeing will also have a certain effect. If other conditions are consistent, this will also occur if there is a difference in temperature. This is not to be ignored for the dyeing of casual fabrics.

Of course, there are other factors, such as electrolytes, such as different alkaline agents used. If the electrolyte is used in an excessive amount, the problem of unstable dyeing tends to occur. If the amount of alkali agent is insufficient, it will affect the color fixing rate of casual fabrics.

In addition, there are other factors that cannot be ignored. For example, in the dyeing process, incorrect weighing or different dyes used will also have different effects. Therefore, when making casual fabrics, if you want to avoid the problem of cylinder difference, you need to consider from the above aspects.