What is the fabric dyeing process

- Jan 17, 2018-

Fabric dyeing process, dyeing cloth, grey cloth, woven cloth, knitting, etc.) through the professional dyeing equipment: packing, MAO, desizing oxygen bleaching, mercerizing, finalize the design, dyeing, finishing, preshrinking finalize the design process to produce finished fabric is dyed fabric.

To remove the impurities in natural fibers, and to add the slurry, oil agent and contaminant in the process of textile processing.

The existence of these impurities can not only hinder the smooth process of dyeing and finishing, but also affect the performance of the fabric.

Shows application of chemical and physical and mechanical effect, is the purpose of removing the impurity on the fabric, make white, soft fabric, with good permeability, to meet the use requirements, and provide qualified for dyeing, printing, finishing the work piece.

The original cloth preparation

The original cloth is prepared to include the original cloth inspection, capsizing (batch, box, printing) and seam head.

The purpose of the original cloth inspection is to check the quality of the grey cloth and find that the problem can be solved in time.

The inspection content includes two items: physical index and appearance defect.

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The purpose of burning wool is to burn down the hair on the cloth, to make the cloth smooth and beautiful, and to prevent dyeing and printing defects when dyeing and printing.


Textile mills are often used to increase strength and wear resistance for smooth weaving.

The slurry on the grey cloth will affect the water absorption performance of the fabric, it will also affect the quality of the dyeing and finishing products, and it will increase the consumption of the dye. Therefore, the slurry should be removed before cooking. This process is called desizing.


Dyeing is a complicated process, different quality of cloth dyeing process is different, cotton, polyester, nylon, polyester, chemical fiber products, blending products and so on.

Some use rolling dye, roll dyeing is ok, some must use high temperature and high pressure staining, some only dye once, some want to be lubricity many times.

Although dyed by a rolling car is ok, but it is also the most difficult a process, because of the color of the dye control in addition to the known, there are many unknown things inside, such as the stability of the dyes in different temperature, the control of steam, rolling car pressure control and so on, are all very fine work..

Dyeing long car is divided into two parts, limber dyeing, fixation after car. Dyeing way according to the different selection of dye varieties, general active dyes, shilin, sulfide, paint. They each have advantages and disadvantages, usually depends on the color of the requirements, and cannot replace each other.

After finishing

After finishing is to endow clothing fabric with the performance and beautiful textile technology project.

Here are the common types of textile finishing, the main equipment are: singeing, desizing, mercerizing machine, liquid ammonia machine, setting machine, preshrinking machine, polishing machine, washing machine, grinding machine, grab machine, coating machine, etc.