What is the fabric of poplin

- Nov 15, 2017-

Poplin is a plain cloth, but also with plain weave weave system. Warp and weft yarn are fine special yarn, belong to fine high warp dense fabric, with slippery, pretty, cool characteristics, can be used for shirt production. (a widely used cotton fabric, not silk).

Compared with ordinary plain cloth, the ratio of density and weft density is generally 1.8~2.2:1. Because the warp density is significantly greater than the weft density, the surface of the fabric forms a diamond grain pattern formed by the convex part of the warp. Woven Poplin fabrics, commonly used pure cotton or polyester-cotton fine yarn. According to the different yarn used, divided into yarn poplin, half line poplin (through to the strands), line poplin (Jingwei to the share line). According to the different spinning projects, the Poplin and combed poplin are divided into two parts. In order to weave color points, there are hidden striped poplin, satin satin poplin, jacquard poplin, color striped poplin, flash color poplin and so on. To color poplin fabric dyeing and printing processing, and bleached poplin, variegated poplin and printed poplin. All kinds of poplin fabrics are clean and smooth, texture and meticulous, grain full, shiny eijun soft, soft and slippery touch characteristics. Poplin is one of the main varieties of cotton. Mainly used for shirts, summer clothes and daily underwear.