What is the polyester blend fabric?

- May 09, 2019-

Polyester in polyester blended fabric is a synthetic fiber, which is the raw material of chemical fiber fabric. It is not a fabric itself. Everyone also calls it polyester fiber. The older generation of Chinese people, polyester, is commonly known as "the good." The strength is better, the wear resistance is forbidden, and the color fastness is very good. However, it has poor moisture permeability and is not suitable for underwear. It is suitable as a blending material or a garment fabric.


Polyester blended fabric is a filament of polyester chips that has been specially processed. The biggest difference from the previous materials is that it is lighter and more resilient. The materials blended from a certain angle play a very good role in the lightness of textiles.


Wool polyester fabric refers to fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, which is the most common type of polyester blended fabric. Among them, the worsted wool polyester tweed is also known as cool, and the hair is called cool. It is one of the fabrics that best reflects the characteristics of wool and polyester blending.