What is the Tencel fabric

- Dec 07, 2017-

What is the tencel fabric? Tencel is a new kind of viscose fiber, called LYOCELL viscose.Tencel is made from solvent spinning technology. The solvent used in production is completely harmless to human body. It almost can be recycled completely and can be used repeatedly without the byproduct. Tencel fiber can be completely decomposed in the soil, pollution-free and environmentally friendly, is the environmental fiber.What is the tencel fabric ,and what is  the advantages and disadvantages of tencel?

Tencel Fabric.jpg

Advantages of tencel fabrics
It has cotton’s "comfort polyester’s " strength ", wool fabric’s "luxury beauty" and silk’s "unique touch "and" softness hang down object ", no matter in dry or wet state, are extremely tough.In the wet state, it is the first cellulose fiber that is stronger than cotton.100% natural materials, combined with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, are designed to protect the natural environment and fully cater to the needs of modern consumers.

Disadvantages of tencel fabrics
Tencel is uniform in cross section, but the original fiber is weak and inelastic, such as mechanical friction, the outer fiber can break and forming the hair antler with a length of 1~4 micron, particularly in wet conditions, are more likely to form.In severe case, it will be entangled in cotton seed.But in hot and humid environment, the fabric will stiffen slightly, which is a big disadvantage.The price of tencel fabrics is more expensive than the general fabric, and is cheaper than pure silk fabrics.