What is the type of cotton fabrics and cotton fabrics

- Jan 25, 2018-

Cotton cotton fabric is cotton as raw material, through the loom, weft and weft vertical and horizontal intertwined woven textiles. At present, the cotton originating from the actual processing is also divided into primary cotton fabrics and recycled cotton fabrics.

What kind of cotton?

1. Color Cloth: Cotton fabric in the color cloth can also include a sulfide blue cloth, sulfide ink cloth, Shi Linlan cloth, Shihlin gray cloth, color poplin, all kinds of cards Ji, the color of it.


2. Fabric: is a variety of colors and patterns printed on cloth. Such as: plain printed cloth, printed twill, printed serge, printing straight tribute.


3. Yarn dyed cloth: it is the yarn or yarn after dyeing, woven on the machine after the cloth such as striped cloth, was single cloth, velvet, thread it, such as decorative cloth.


4. Natural white cloth: ordinary cloth, fine cloth, coarse cloth, canvas, twill fabric, primary color cloth.