What is wool-like stretch casual fabric?

- Mar 10, 2020-

Wool-like elastic leisure fabrics use 100D special yarn, 75D low-elastic yarn, 100D cationic yarn, 40D spandex core-spun yarn as raw materials, and choose fine plain weave and weave on rapier loom, and then go through scorching, oxygen bleaching, and preshrink , Shaping, pad dyeing, tank steaming and other processes. The width of the cloth is 148cm, and the weight per meter of cloth is about 310 grams. The wholesale price on the market is between 19-20 yuan per meter. It can be used not only for handsome men's and women's suits, casual wear, trousers, professional wear, etc., but also fashionable fabrics for ladies suits and skirts. The ready-to-wear upper body is both beautiful and chic, but also full of youthful vitality.