What material is T400?What are the benefits of T400 fabric?

- Mar 22, 2021-

T400 is a new type of elastic composite fiber woven with functional raw materials and technology from American DuPont.Although this material does not contain spandex, it has good elasticity.This kind of fabric solves the problem of not easy dyeing of spandex, excessive elasticity and preventing complexity.This kind of fabric can replace the traditional tulle craft, and the performance has also been greatly improved.The difference between T400 and spandex covered yarn in weaving is that T400 only shows its elasticity after being folded up by heat treatment. With the same shrinkage, the fabric will become smoother.This is different from the spandex covered yarn, which is more and more difficult to control the weaving tension because of the elasticity of spandex covered yarn. After the fabric is formed, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the fabric.Moreover, the elasticity of spandex covered yarn will be different, which makes it more difficult to adjust.

Sportswear's first choice of fabric, and because this fabric has good elasticity, so the clothes not only fit, but also maintain the original shape.This kind of fabric compared to spandex, will not appear after long-term use of aging can not repair the shortcomings.This fabric is used in a wide range of applications and is currently used in shirts, suits, sportswear, socks, etc.