Whether the Colored Cotton Polyester Plain Fabric is pilling

- Dec 23, 2020-

Generally, cotton blended fabrics with polyester staple fiber are easy to pilling, if the density is low, it is easier to pilling. Cotton blended linen is generally easy to pilling but is far better than blending with polyester staple fiber. Linen and cotton blended fabrics are generally not too tight, so they are not wear-resistant and easy to rub and pilling. Cotton and wool blends are generally not easy to pilling, but it is not very serious. The key depends on whether the wool contains polyester. The content of short fiber. Generally, the tightness of cotton and wool blended fabric is not too high. If it is knitted cotton wool polyester blended fabric, it contains more polyester staple fiber, then such fabric is very easy to pilling. Sometimes the sweaters we wear are easier to pilling than woven fabric coats. The cotton and viscose blended fabric is relatively better than the above several blends, but it also depends on its density and fiber twist strength. In short, According to the various parameters of the fabric to see if it is easy to pilling