Workwear Fabric

- Mar 22, 2018-

Workwear fabrics are commonly known as cotton shaka, polyester card, cotton canvas, poplin, and dust-proof and anti-static fabrics. Each fabric will have its own advantages when used.

1. Pure cotton shaka, the product is high density, the introduction of tissue fabrics, clear lines, clear valleys, cloth light, good quality, suitable for engineering jackets, coveralls, casual wear, bags, work gloves. ,

2. Polyester card, the fabric feels more texture than the uniform, the sense of drape and branch is very strong, strength and abrasion resistance are very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, the finished product appearance is not easy to lose shape, and affordable, durable Good performance.

3. Cotton canvas, which is a relatively thick plain cloth, high density, feel thick, clear texture, fast wear, is a good material for jackets.

4. Poplin, all kinds of poplin fabrics are clean and smooth fabric, fine texture, grain full, shiny and soft smooth, soft and smooth features such as hand-selected materials as summer overalls.

5. Anti-static and dust-proof, this kind of fabric is hardwearing, soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and can be processed into all kinds of high-grade anti-static cotton work clothes. It is suitable for storage, chemical, gas, petroleum, coal mining, shipping, aerospace, military, etc. Inflammable and explosive operating environment.

Workwear fabric selection

1. Anti-hair: Neat and clean, smooth, rich and flexible, with straight and full lines. Should sew suits, Zhongshan suits, women's tops.

2. Wool and Polyester: Lack of soft, soft feel of pure wool fabrics, crisp fabrics, and prominent with the polyester content. Elasticity is better than pure wool fabrics, but it feels less than pure wool, and it is loosened after clinging to it. There is almost no crease.

3. Pure wool: The fabric is smooth, the color is regular, soft and natural, with less blemishes, and the hand feels elastic and exquisite. The hand is pressed tightly on the fabric. After release, the original shape can be restored quickly, and the crease is not obvious.