Woven fabric cutting process

- Jan 03, 2018-

Woven fabric cutting according to the model before the first plot to draw the nest, "complete, reasonable and economical" is the basic principle of nesting. The main process requirements in the cutting process are as follows:

(1) When the amount of material to be cleared, pay attention to avoid defects.

(2) for different batches of dyed or sand-washed fabrics to be cut in batches to prevent the same pieces of clothing appear color phenomenon. For a fabric in the presence of color phenomenon to be color difference nesting.

(3) When discharging, pay attention to the smoothness of the silk fabric of the fabric and the direction of the silk thread of the clothes piece, and do not discharge the fabric with napped fabrics (such as velvet, velvet, corduroy, etc.) The depth of

(4) For the stripes of the fabric, drag the material to pay attention to the alignment of the layers and positioning, in order to ensure continuity and symmetry of the clothing grid.

(5) cut the next knife accurate, smooth lines. Shop too thick, upper and lower fabric does not deviate knife.

(6) Cut the knife according to the model registration mark.

(7) tapered hole markings should be careful not to affect the appearance of clothing. After cutting to count the number and inspection work, and according to the specifications of the clothing bundle bundled, attached to the ticket marked section number, location, specifications and so on.