Advantages Of Blended Fabrics

- Nov 16, 2017-

Blended fabric generally refers to the yarn is composed of two or more ingredients blended. So the fabric has the advantages of these two components. And you can get more of one ingredient by adjusting the proportion of ingredients.

and blended generally refers to staple fiber blends, that is, the two fibers of different components are mixed in the form of short fiber. For example, polyester-cotton blended cloth, which is usually called TC cloth, it is spun polyester staple fiber and cotton fiber blended yarn weaving, it has the advantage of:

With the appearance of the whole cotton cloth and feel, weakened polyester fabric luster and chemical fiber feel, improve the grade.

With polyester high-strength, improve the tearing strength of fabrics, compared to the whole cotton more sturdy and durable.

Improve color fastness, because the polyester is high temperature color, colour fastness than the whole cotton color fastness, so cotton blended fabric color fastness Contrast cotton also has a promotion.

Staple fiber blends, so that the characteristics of each component can be played evenly.

Similarly, the blending of other ingredients can also play their own advantages to achieve some functional or comfort or economic requirements.