Antistatic Fabric Conductive Cloth Principle And Function

- Jan 16, 2018-

Conductive cloth also known as antistatic fabric is mainly made of polyester + conductive fiber. The conductive fiber is carbonized or doped, and the carbon black is mixed with the fiber material. The carbon black is formed in the fiber into a continuous phase structure, which gives the fiber conductivity. Dacron is easy to start static electricity, plus conductive fiber makes the fabric conductive, conductive fiber to the person's static electricity through the conductive wire drain away. Conductive cloth has the following functions:

1.       Good anti-static performance, permanent and washing resistance.

2.       Can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, eliminate human body movement or wear off by static electricity generation.

3.       Can eliminate the clothes of electrostatic cause close, tangles, not easy to dust, easy to wash dirty. 

     4.  In the electronic, instrument and other industries, can prevent the electronic components caused by static electricity damage, aging; In the petrochemical industry, it can prevent the combustion, explosion and other hazards caused by static electricity.