Composition And Advantages Of Elastic Fabric

- Nov 16, 2017-

Elastic fabric is a kind of elastic fabric, the main material is the surface and rubber tendons. The specific production project is such, in the process of weaving, slowly add high-strength rubber, so that it is blended with a stretch fabric. Elastic fabric is a kind of new synthetic fabric, which is a new kind of fabric which adapts to the demand. Elastic cotton is not our traditional textile technology made, it belongs to the Non-woven fabric technology field, elastic cotton is a hollow crimp fiber and a low melting point of fiber as raw material fusion prepared. Then add a very fine high-strength rubber elastic Band, so the composition of elastic cotton not only 98% cotton, but also contains 2% of the rubber. Elastic cotton fiber into three-dimensional distribution. Elastic cotton is popular because it not only has the nature of the fabric has the characteristics of the pursuit of nature and advocating casual clothing fashion match.

Advantages of Elastic Fabric

From the touch, the elastic fabric is ahead of other fabrics, because it is very flexible, from the scalability, no other material fabric can be compared to the elastic fabric, which is specifically designed, especially to increase the elasticity of a fabric; from the level of care, very good to handle, and in itself not easy to fold, Just need to smooth a stroke can be, really feel to be ironed, also want to use low-temperature steam ironing way, otherwise easy to burn bad.