Cutting Technology Of Woven Fabrics

- Nov 16, 2017-

Before cutting, according to the model to draw out the layout, "complete, reasonable, saving" is the basic principle of discharging. The main process requirements in the cropping process are as follows:

(1) The amount of material at the moment of tow, pay attention to avoid defects.

(2) for different batches of dyed or sand-washed fabrics to be cut in batches to prevent the same piece of clothing appear chromatic aberration phenomenon. For a fabric with chromatic aberration phenomenon in order to carry out color difference.

(3) When the material to pay attention to the fabric of the silk grain straight and the direction of the silk thread to meet the requirements of the process, for the fleece fabric (such as velvet, velvet, corduroy, etc.) can not be inverted nesting material, otherwise it will affect the depth of clothing color.

(4) for the fabric of the stripe, it is necessary to pay attention to the alignment and orientation of the bars in each layer to ensure the coherence and symmetry of the stripes on the garment.

(5) Cutting requirements of accurate, straight line smooth. The paving type must not be too thick, the lower layer of the fabric is not biased.

(6) Cut the cutting edge according to the pattern of the position mark.

(7) The use of cone hole marking should be careful not to affect the appearance of clothing. After cutting to carry out inventory and inspection work, and according to the clothing specifications of the pile banding, accompanied by a ticket signed the number, location, specifications and so on.