Fabric Signature

- Dec 19, 2017-

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, Cotton:

Advantage: absorb sweat breathable, soft, anti - sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to fuzz ball.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, easy to deform.

. Wool:

Advantages: warm, soft, elastic and hot.

Disadvantages: fuzz ball, shrinkage, felting reaction.


Advantages: it has certain respiratory properties, high durability and high temperature resistance.

Color: the real leather is dark and soft, and the imitation skin is bright.

. Nylon:

Advantages: smooth surface, light, durable, easy to dry, elastic and flexible.

Disadvantages: easy to generate static electricity.

. Polyester :

Advantages: good elasticity, silky soft, soft and soft.

Disadvantages: air permeability, easy to start static electricity and ball.

Chemical fiber fabrics, easy to take care of, clean, do not need to iron, but air permeability difference, easy to produce static electricity, not easy to dye.

, Ramie:

Natural fabrics, comfortable, light, breathable, but easy to wrinkle, not crisp, elastic difference, wearing when the skin has the itch sensation.

. Silk and Viscose

1. Silk: soft, elastic, soft moon silks;

Viscose: feel slightly hard, have cold feeling, body hang heavy.

2. Silk fabrics have a quiet sheen, bright and not dazzling. Viscose fabrics have a special kind of metallic luster, more than pure silk fabrics bright and dazzling.

3. After grasping the fabric with the hand, the silk fabrics have less wrinkles and less wrinkles, and there are more wrinkles in viscose fabrics.

This identification method can be big speech to identify the fabric, but there are certain limitations, for mixed fabrics, sometimes difficult to make an accurate identification, but sensory identification method is convenient, and can carry out, under the condition of no damage to clothing suitable for daily use.