Production Process Of Woven Fabrics

- Nov 16, 2017-

Surface accessories into the factory inspection → technical preparation → tailoring → sewing → keyhole nail buckle → ironing → garment inspection → packaging → warehousing or delivery.

After the fabric into the plant to carry out quantity inventory and appearance and internal quality inspection, in line with the production requirements can be put into operation. Before mass production, first of all, technical preparation, including process list, model formulation and sample clothing production, sample clothing by the customer can be confirmed to enter the next production process. Fabric after cutting, sewing into semi-finished products, some woven fabrics made of semi-finished products, according to special process requirements, after finishing processing, such as garment washing, clothing sand washing, twisting effect processing, and so on, finally through the keyhole nailing auxiliary procedures and the whole hot process, and then after the inspection of qualified packaging storage.