Technical Preparation For The Production Of Woven Fabrics

- Nov 16, 2017-

Before mass production, first of all, the technical personnel should be prepared before the big productions. Technical preparation includes process list, sample making and three content of sample clothing. Technical preparation is an important means to ensure the smooth running of mass production and the final product meets the customer's requirements.

Process alone clothing processing of the guidance document, it on the specifications of clothing, sewing, ironing, packaging, etc. have put forward detailed requirements, clothing accessories collocation, seam density and other details of the problem is also clear, see table 1-1. All the processes in garment processing should be strictly based on the requirements of the process sheet.

Model production requirements of accurate size, complete specifications. The contour line of the relevant position is exactly coincident. The model should be marked on the clothing section number, location, specifications, the direction of the silk grain and quality requirements, and in the relevant splicing place stamping model compound chapter.

After the completion of the process sheet and model formulation work, can carry out the production of small batches of clothing, in accordance with the requirements of customers and process timely correction of discrepancies, and the process of difficult to tackle, so that large batch flow smoothly. Sample clothing After the customer confirmed the signature has become an important test basis.