The First Working Day After Chinese Spring Festival In 2018

- Mar 07, 2018-

February 28, 2018 is the first day of Jiangsu Jinerte Textile Technology Co., Ltd. to work after the Spring Festival. At ten a.m., all the staff gathered in the lobby of the first floor of the office building and held a ceremonial ceremony. The general manager of Jiangsu jinerte Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Yu Jinsong made an important speech at the meeting, for all achievements in 2017 said the affirmation, but also to the various departments, various aspects pointed out the deficiencies, and puts forward some opinions on reform, and put forward the overall goal of the development of the company next year. Before the end of the meeting, the company commended 12 "excellent employees of the year", which would be an example to all the Jinerte workers.

Jiangsu jinerte Textile Technology Co. Ltd. mainly engaged in fabrics: cotton/poly, cotton with nylon, cotton with polyester and nylon , cotton with spandex and tencel fabrics. These fabrics are all popular fabrics in today's clothing market. Under the leadership of general manager Yu Jinsong, the Kinter will develop innovation, initiative and quality first, and believe that Jinerte's tomorrow will be better.

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