Types Of Canvas Fabrics

- Nov 16, 2017-

The fabric is classified according to the organization of plain weave, twill and satin.

1. Plain canvas: warp and weft every other yarn is interwoven, the same, the pattern monotonous, this cloth interwoven point, texture fastness, surface formation, scratch resistance, wear-resistant, and more frivolous, breathable good.

2. Twill canvas: Fabric tissue for two or three. Twill is divided into single-sided twill and double-sided twill, warp and weft yarn weaving less than plain, so that the gap between warp and weft is smaller, the yarn can be tightly arranged, so fabric density, texture soft, thicker, gloss is also better, elastic than texture good.

3. Satin Texture organization: The individual tissue point of the satin organization, in the organization especially on both sides of the (or weft) floating long cover, so on the surface of the tissue is presented by (or weft) floating line. Therefore, the cloth smooth, well-spaced, rich luster, the texture is soft.