Use Of Polyester Fabric

- Nov 16, 2017-

Polyester is widely used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. Flame-Retardant polyester because of its permanent flame-retardant, wide range of applications, in addition to industrial textiles, building interior decoration, transportation and other functions of the irreplaceable role, but also in the field of protective clothing play a lot of role. According to the national standards for fire-retardant protective clothing, fire-retardant protective clothing should be used in metallurgy, forestry, Chemical industry, petroleum, firefighting and other departments. China should use fire-retardant protective clothing in the number of millions above, fire-retardant protective clothing market potential. In addition to pure flame-retardant polyester, according to the special requirements of users, production of flame-retardant, waterproof, oil, anti-static and other multi-functional products. such as the flame-retardant polyester fabric waterproof, anti-oil finishing, can improve the function of flame retardant clothing, the use of flame-retardant polyester and conductive fiber interwoven to produce anti-static flame-retardant fabrics, the use of flame-retardant fiber and high-performance fiber blended interwoven, can produce high-performance flame-retardant fabrics, the use of flame-retardant fiber and cotton, viscose fiber blended, To improve the comfort of protective clothing, while reducing two burns.