What Characteristics Of The Tencel Interwoven Elastic Fabric

- Jan 11, 2018-

Tencel interwoven cotton elastic fabric is elastic fabric warp and weft by using Tencel cotton elastic yarn woven into. Because the cotton elastic yarn quality stable, many categories, do not need to be spun conveniently, so Tencel fabric manufacturers in the development of Tencel interwoven elastic fabric, the weft elastic to stretch cotton yarn, warp leading Tencel fabric style, combined.


Cotton elastic fabric is woven Tencel Tencel upgrade will stretch into the fabric design, not only the function of more extensive use, the grade is also greatly improved, generally only high-end brands will use. Woven cotton elastic fabric Tencel Tencel should keep ventilation comfort and environmental protection function, taking performance is very excellent, have elasticity can design and develop more sense of fashion leisure sports, except for the coat, can be used as casual pants, dress, and repair effect. The thickness of the yarn design different woven stretch fabrics for Tencel clothing throughout the year to provide material, cloth effect and style can be flexibly adjusted according to the requirements of fashion, fashion fabric is a new type of rare. The product is currently very rare stretch of Tencel, Tencel interwoven the innovation and development of elastic fabric, Tencel fabric manufacturers thinking is more open, clear purpose can easily develop some new products.


Like other Tencel fabric, Tencel fabric interwoven development should not only be in fashion fabric design, but also to organize links efforts in printing and dyeing printing, this is the key to determine the effects of the. Tencel fabric manufacturers can not only innovation in weaving, but also to reflect the level of processing from printing and dyeing. Tencel interwoven elastic fabrics are treated by sand washing, in order to increase the softness and drape, make it more comfortable to wear; not enough sand wash down texture, but do more type jacket. At present, the development of Tencel interwoven elastic fabric mainly depends on two points, one is the type of Tencel yarn is single, optional small; two is the finishing technology is not guaranteed, sample proofing is not up to expectations. Tencel woven cotton elastic fabric is high grade, more features, the market prospect is worth looking forward to.